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I created this site because I couldn't find good reference material. So, over the years, I have put together a collection of Photo Reference Discs. All are high resolution digital photographs. It has taken a long time to take all these pictures, but I now have over 300 different species of Mammals and Birds. I created them to assist taxidermists with detailed picture reference. Each CD has over 50 pictures, with many at 100-150 pictures. Photos include close up shots, including eyes, nose, etc., as well as some full body shots for poses. The bird and waterfowl discs are great for bill and feet coloration.

The reference discs are also useful for carvers and artists. I am always working on new species, so check back for availability.

My reference discs can also be found in both Research Mannikins and Trufitt Life Forms catalogs.

Please remember that these pictures are protected by copyright.

PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Credit cards through paypal; checks and money orders. (At this time, the checkout system will only go through to paypal. I do not know how to add check or money order buttons. So, email if you would prefer to mail payment.)

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